About Quilted

Quilted is a worker-owned, cooperatively-managed company stitching together technology and social change. We take on work that challenges us to be more critical and insightful designers, engineers, and thinkers while remaining pragmatic and focused on adding real social value to our projects.

With an office in Berkeley, California we provide strategic consulting, graphic design, web development, as well as game design and development services to progressive arts, education, and non-profit organizations. We focus on standards based design and work with open source technologies - primarily Drupal.

Quilted is a team of energetic thinkers and reflective doers.

Colin Sagan is committed to making clear, accessible and, above all, useful media that supports cultural producers and activists guided by a structural understanding of power. From his background as production coordinator and designer for several nationally and internationally distributed magazines, Colin found Drupal as a powerful tool for designing collaborative systems to facilitate vivid and effective communication.

Raeanne Young is passionate about organizational strategy and savvy communication. She enjoys innovating on value-driven development processes, collaborative design projects, and business practices that support workers as whole people. Prior to Quilted she worked in technology policy promoting digital rights at the Center for Democracy and Technology and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and in communications and campaign strategy with Smartmeme. She enjoys working on inspiring social collaborative projects and has a penchant for all things open source.

Rocket ! is enthusiastic about developing websites that are accessible, well-designed, and support social justice. They enjoy programming of all shapes, collaborative design, and creative solutions. They are also a graduate of MIT's Comparative Media Studies Program and they design games that encourage education, collaboration, social awareness, and critical thinking. Their background is in computer science and they work primarily with Drupal.

Vivian Brown is excited to work with organizations with a people-centered approach and a deep understanding of social change. She enjoys building community, making things, programming, and learning new technologies. She has a background in software development strategy research and a degree in Cognitive Science from Pomona College.