Work with Quilted!


This position has a flexible start date, ideally mid-June to early-July. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Who are we?

Quilted is a worker-owned, cooperatively-managed company stitching together technology and social change. We take on work that challenges us to be more critical and insightful designers, engineers, and thinkers while remaining pragmatic and focused on adding real social value to our projects. Most of our projects are websites built with the Drupal content management framework. We provide services in visual design, user experience, content messaging, Drupal custom module development and theming, HTML/CSS, and strategic web consulting.

Why are we hiring?

We're excited for someone to join our Berkeley office full-time and contribute to our team working for our nonprofit, cooperative, and social justice clients. In Quilted, everyone wears a lot of hats, but we are hiring for someone whose primary role is: developer for Drupal projects.

Who are we looking for?

You are someone who values collaboration and hard work. You are flexible, curious, accepting, but also willing to engage directly about what isn't working for you. You want to dig in: get familiar with the dynamics of our small business, develop our democratic business model, and participate in consensus decision-making and financial planning. Most importantly, you're interested in becoming co-owner and joining us long-term.

We're looking for you to be a collaborator, to dream up crazy things with us, push us, and share your whole self with us. We're going to fight about stuff, but we'll laugh about it afterwards.

The most important thing to us is finding someone who is a good fit temperamentally and culturally and who is in alignment with our organizational goals. We're open to hiring someone with a mix of experience, but we expect any developer joining our team to:

  • Have enough experience with Drupal 7 to be able to complete a site as the only person on the project developing/site building and theming
  • Be fluent in HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Be fluent enough in PHP to write basic Drupal modules and work with ours
  • Be fluent enough on the command line to use drush, manage databases, use ruby gems, use git, and manage remote servers
  • Have experience with or open to working using an agile deveploment process

We're also looking for the following:

  • Someone with experience working in co-operatives and practicing collective decision making
  • Someone who is extremely self-aware
  • Someone with a clear understanding of power, privilege, and oppression along various dimensions (ex: race, gender, class, ability, citizenship, etc)

We hate how most job calls don't tell you all sorts of things. Heads up: Sadly, our office is up a flight of stairs and has no elevator access. Applicants must:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Be comfortable communicating with clients over email, conference calls, and Skype
  • Able to learn Quilted's note taking practices
  • Have a cellphone (iPhone preferred because we have iPhones and our systems work with them well)
  • Be available and accessible over the phone/video when shit hits the fan

Don't worry if you don't totally fit our description. Send in an application and convince us why we should hire you anyway.

Why should you apply?

We do awesome work for awesome people. You get fair pay and great benefits. Quilted provides a salary of $45,000 annually. Our benefits include Anthem Blue Cross PPO health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and mental health reimbursements. We get 21 paid holidays per calendar year plus sick days and PTO. A Mac laptop will be provided for work.

Women, people of color, genderqueer, and LGBTQ people are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information about our collective, see,, and

How to apply

Email the following to